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Learn to Sew and Dressmake in Coventry

Fun with fabrics and fashion

I teach you how to sew or if you already know the basics, show you how to improve and get a really professional finish to your projects. So if you want to learn about sewing and dressmaking I would love to see you at one of my classes in Coventry. Or if you prefer I can come to your home and provide one-to-one tuition or with a small group of friends who have decided they want to learn to sew together – either way it is the way you want to learn when you want to learn.

All my classes are held in small groups, up to 10, so that everyone can work at their own pace and make whatever they want and I provide all the learning needed for that moment. Naturally there are times when it is easier to demonstrate a technique to everyone but that gives variety and another chance to discuss and ask questions within the whole group. I will give you suggestions of tasks to do before the next lesson, but know that other things do get in the way, so no pressure just encouragement.

At present I have sewing and dressmaking classes only in Coventry the locations and time of the classes on the next page - classes and learning. If you want to book or ask questions please contact me.

Finally – me, who am I and where do I come from? My name is Diana Slocombe, I love sewing and dressmaking. It has been my hobby for many years and when my children were small I did a City and Guilds Fashion certificate, this allowed me to do community classes for or a while, which I picked up again 11 years ago when I started Fun with Fabrics and Fashion. So now I am combining my love of sewing with my real enjoyment of seeing people learn and pick up new skills. Finally if you would like to telephone and ask question I would love to hear from you -my number is 024 7531 2325 I am always delighted to provide help for sewers.


What do the students say?

Brilliant, very enjoyable and so friendly. Mary Coventry

In a very short time I have learnt so much and in such an enjoyable way - Thank you. Sue Rugby

I just love that once a week I can sew without interruptions and talk sewing – Lesley Coventry

The tuition is very good and so naturally done that you just don’t realise how much you are learning – the humour is an extra. – Joanna Rugby.